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Deleting tracks from anywhere on mobile app

  • 6 June 2019
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As user i want to have possibility to remove track from anywhere, not only from playlist page.

If i listen `shuffle play` i can't delete any track from common playlist, it's not cool because when i'm listening music on mobile i always go somewhere and i don't have possibility for searching this track in playlists.
The same situation for saved playlists. It's good when you can save a playlist click on one button, because it saves your time but then you can't delete anything from the playlist.

5 replies

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I agree we need something along these lines, but Deezer needs to establish some kind of master library first. Until we have that it would have to ask which playlist(s) the track should be deleted from, as it could have multiple instances. While this is probably possible, I think it easier to have tracks added & removed from a master library.
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Hey there @gkedrik

I'm not entirely sure I've understood your idea. The only playlists you can actually edit are the ones you create yourself. Our curated playlists, which you may add to your music, can only be edited by our editors.
But if I'm wrong, please do explain it in a bit more detail.
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hi @Rudi
I'll try to explain better:
Open deezer on mobile -> My Music -> Downloaded and click on Shuffle My Music.
Now if i click on ... i don't have variant to delete a song. So if i want to delete any song i have to open a playlist with the song and only then i will be able to delete it.
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I can add ...from almost any place ...i guess ...to the playlist
well - how about remove from playlist option ?

With large lists queued - kinda difficult to find one i'd like to remove ..
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Hey @gkedrik

Thank you for explaining! I've moved it into discussion and left my vote ;)

@ostapski please share you support here!