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Theme Options For Windows Desktop Users

  • 7 February 2019
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Over time I have seen many requests for themes. Using the web version on Windows 10 at night is a poor user experience.🤔 The prominently white theme hurts the eyes. Also blur effects would be a nice option. Perhaps the theme could follow the Windows theme ( For example dark theme ) Hope one day full theme support will happen..? Until then... I wait.😐

6 replies

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Hi there, that is a fun and practical idea. Try to get more votes for it 😉
Greetings :)

Since there is a division in whether the light theme feels better and smoother or not (personally, I'd LOVE a redesigned/improved Dark one), could you guys think about going kinda neutral? In other words, having more than one theme available within the app (Mobile And PC wise) for choosing? The user experience would be off the charts when it comes to pleasing our viewing tastes and eyes.

PS: Just to add a little more sauce into this, you gents can also think about some old school settings, as different Skins and Player Modes (smaller for convenient multi-tasking).

From a Mozambican that absolutely LOVES music, I Thank You guys for such vibes in the service you provide, almost flawlessly. Cheers
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Hey @Peng

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. I've moved your comment here because the idea is related and you can get more votes. I also left my contribution and passed the feedback on to our relevant team 😉
Hey @Rudi

Much Appreciated :)
Thank You for your help in this .
I really hope it gets done, eventually .

Hey Guys,
@Rudi @Rafael. / Devs and everybody involved,

For This,

I can only say, THANK YOU LOTS :)

I hope everybody else enjoys the new feature, and improvements keep coming up, as usual .

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You're very welcome @PengOnDeezer :)
There are more things to come this year 👍🏼