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Option To Select Multiple Playlists

  • 10 July 2019
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when you add a song to a playlist the new pop up gives you the option to only select one playlist at a time, it would be cool if I could select multiple playlists to add a song too...

e.g below is an image from my phone to help illustrate; I was listening to official top 40, heard a song I liked and wanted to add it to 2 playlists but can only add it to one at a time so after I’ve added it to one playlist I have to re-tap the three dots and click add to playlist again and then select the next playlist.

some songs I might want to add to 3/4 playlists so being able to select multiple playlists from this pop up at once would be easier and save time


PS - thanks for finally adding dark mode! Been waiting for over 2 years 👌🏾

1 reply

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This is definitely a good idea @Wardeneo. I'm happy to vote for it and pass it on. Thank you for your input 😉