The Evolution of Flow - Chapter 3 (Discovery mode)

  • 14 December 2022
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We remember...
Chapter 1 = Flow appears
Chapter 2 = Flow can moods


Flow, as we already know, is a powerful tool for discovering new music. This is based on the favorites (favorite songs, favorite artists, etc.).

Some users were or are dissatisfied with the quality of the recommended songs. Sometimes too many favourites, sometimes too many repetitions.

Now Chapter 3 of Flow comes in the form of two different modes. As a listener, you now have the opportunity to get recommendations for new music with a stronger admixture of favorites. Or, and this is new, Flow reduces the favorites and embark on a journey of discovery.


The so-called discovery mode has now been introduced for all users.


You can easily select the modes:


1. Start the standard/classic Flow



2. Click on the grumpy face



3. Switch to “I want more discoveries” mode (rocket)


4. If you are in Discovery mode, you can of course switch back to “I want more favorites” at any time!


The mode syncs with all connected devices.



Have you discovered the new mode yet?

No? Then now is the time.


Will the new mode also be available for individual moods?

The developers make this dependent on the intensity of use.
So you know what to do!!!111 😎


Want to know more about Flow Moods? 


Need Tips to get the most out of Flow?



5 replies

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I didn't get this update yet. When will it be available for me? (I'm from turkey if it matters)

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I didn't get this update yet. When will it be available for me? (I'm from turkey if it matters)

It’s rolling out, I’m in the US and I just got it this morning.

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Can confirm. Got the update earlier this morning. Version :

Songs played in discovery mode will come back after 28 days at the earliest. 😎

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Thankes you very much to this article very good written 👍

I love this feature 😀 .

Good evening !