Xbox app having issues

  • 15 April 2022
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Okay, first off, I switched from Spotify to Deezer yesterday and I'm certainly feeling happier; especially with how much easier it is to upload my own MP3 files.


However, I always listen to music while I'm playing games on my Xbox, and the Xbox Deezer app is seriously playing up. The app crashes at complete random, songs will skip themselves with absolutely no rhyme or reason; sometimes ten seconds into the song, sometimes two minutes. But, this isn't the main issue, though it's really annoying.


The main issue I'm wanting to comment on is that I've noticed, while listening to songs, at random I'll end up trapped with only a handful of the last songs to have played, shuffling through them at complete random. I don't know if anything causes this, but I do know that skipping excessively appears to exacerbate the issue; or maybe just makes it more obvious.


Let's say, for example, I don't feel like listening to a song named 'E'. I skip it, get to song 'F', which I also feel like skipping. However, instead of going onto songs 'G', 'H' and so on, I end up bouncing between songs 'A' to 'F' at random. So then I have to restart the app to fix this.


Now, I skip songs a LOT. I have a lot of songs on my playlists, and I'm not always in the mood for a specific song. I often skip three or four songs in a row before I'm happy. So, obviously, this issue is affecting me heavily because even if skipping isn't exacerbating the bug itself, it's still making it a lot more obvious to me that I'm only listening to maybe ten songs in a row.


Overall, I do enjoy Deezer and I've found more songs on it that I love in a couple hours than I found on Spotify in a few months. But the Xbox app is making me really consider going back to Spotify. It's genuinely unbearable.


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