Why i am giving up on Deezer in less than a month

  • 12 March 2023
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I just wanted to put up some issues I have and see if it's my usecase that's wrong or there is anyone else feeling the same.

1. Queueing does not work on the Android app. This is irregardleas what source you are using (Flow, Playlists, just picking a song etc). Reading online seems to explain this as expected behaviour which feels...weird?


2. UI is a mish-mash of weird decisions.

Why is the home page lacking things as simple as knowing what playlist I recently played (who even recalls album covers?!), And being 100% full of content that have not been decided by me, the paying user?


3. Podcasts show the latest episode, regardless if you have just started a new podcast. "Hey, you just started EP01, why not listen to EP232 instead?"

And it's a chore to go back and find the correct one.


4 and the biggest issue for me:

I came from Spotify which I got 2009 and had premium since. This means I might be a bit blind to some of the decisions made for Deezer.

I got tired because it was not a music app, it was a AI-app with music in it. Deezer is going the same path - Instead of creating a great user and music-centric app it continues to copy shit others do.

I just want a super light, super simple music app geared towards the user, it's needs and wants. AI will never predict what I want to listen to 100%, but me, the user, ALWAYS KNOW what I want so why not make it easy for me?

Right now Deezer seems 100% committed to the "I want to explore music and find new tastes", but could not care less to the "I know what I want, and it's all I need" (Which feels like a bigger crowd, but maybe I'm wrong?)


What I would need is simple:

Put the user first. The user does not mean AI generated Flows, it means the ability to customize the home page. It means getting to the users playlists immediately, because it's what the user have curated themselves.

Stop trying to be Spotify, Tidal or anything else because all the music apps are all the same today with their *Insert AI buzzword here*. Be the first app that actively is built around and for the user and their own music, first foremost.


Am I the only one with these opinions or is my usecase so incredibly rare so that's why I can't find any music app I actually like and perceived them all as the same app with a different skin?


Thanks for the great work, and maybe I'll be back in the future. I'm guess I have to go back to storing local media, because that's easier right now :(



1 reply

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As someone that has used SPOTIFY and DEEZER i keep coming back to deezer because it makes the most sense to use for the end user.

Add to queue NEXT or AT THE END

Deezer - Perfect and easy

Spotify - god knows what it will pick for me but it won’t be what i want.

I use spotify but come back to deezer because it is easier to use.

in order to find music i want i just search for it or go to my favourite albums and songs and that is simple. Yes there are suggestions but it is rare i pick them so i dont see them.

Just ignore it and go to what you want.