Spotify free better than deezer premium

  • 18 October 2023
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This is essentially why I will leave deezer after 3 years.  Also, I couldn't even write on the deezer community website directly, I had to copy and paste.


Deezer, you have 3 choices:


  1. Stay the course and suck. Continue to do the same, and offer an inferior service at a more expensive price.


  1. Compete and dramatically improve. I think time has proven you're not able to do this.


  1. Gut all expenses/features, and slash the price to $1-5 a month worldwide.


The only thing deezer premium does better than spotify free is you can play specific songs. Maybe that should be your only feature.


Check my account, I wouldn't imagine they're are too many people who use deezer more frequently and more vastly than I do.


I am very open to questions, comments, criticisms, from the deezer team or the deezer community.


Thanks for the good times and for initially getting me into music streaming with an article I read about your country selector feature.

12 replies

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For me, Deezer streams CD quality which results in a  better sound from my system in my home. As well  Deezer allows 10,000 tracks in the favourites playlist, of which I have currently over 6000 tracks. Those two features are a win for Deezer in my household. 

That's cool.


I imagine there are many reasons people prefer deezer to other services.


I was hoping to stay with deezer for life, and have a really cool flow.


I really liked that you could see what were the most popular albums in each country. They heavily reduced this feature for all but the most populous countries.


I liked the idea of flow, but mine never really matched what I listen to, maybe this was my fault for not clicking on the frown face more often.


I like listening to music from other countries. Deezer basically ignores Southeast Asia and most of Asia in general.


My daily mixes rarely change. I asked for help with this several times and it never came close to solving the problem.


I bought a Google nest mini speaker and Spotify was the only service available on it. I started to notice there were much more frequent and much better recommendations even though I was using the free version of Spotify.


If Spotify turns out to be worse, I'll be back :)

It’s a very bad idea to skip Deezer Free (at least in our country). If I were Deezer I’d do anything to step out of Spotify’s shadow but apparently Deezer doesn’t care.

cant blame you for abandoning this sinkboat. It had the best possible future in sight at the past, but they decided to ruin everything and piss on everybody. I am very tilted as well.

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Your choice of words is inappropriate. The fact that Deezer no longer offers "free" in most countries is acceptable. Those who don't want to pay will have to look for alternatives.

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Don’t forget: Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon Music also don’t have a free service. And the YouTube Music free service only works when not using another app of closing the screen.

Besides the audio quality, which is probably the first reason for almost all of us here, I would also add Flow, Lyrics feature, Favorites management and playability (if you know what I mean), and, last but not least, the new Artist-Centric Payment System.

That’s like going to a Mercedes dealership and complaining about their pricing. If you can’t afford it, then use alternative services --- like YT with adblock.

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Are you suggesting that Deezer is comparable to Mercedes and Spotify is akin to a Chinese company? Well, I see it differently. Deezer has consistently lagged behind the competition in features and has struggled with numerous bugs that took a long time to fix. Even their most innovative feature, Flow, doesn't recommend music as effectively as expected. Spotify's Daily Mixes are far superior to Flow; if you stick to listening to your Spotify Daily Mix 1 every day, you'll get better recommendations. I'm not sure why they claim to offer "a unique experience on Deezer."

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Compare Deezer Premium to Spotify free is ridiculous . 

Music quality is so much better . You can’t really expect Deezer to provide you HIFI sound and ask for 1-5$ . That’s not making any sense in any way ,  

I’m sorry but your compare is not relevant whatsoever . 

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It’s a very bad idea to skip Deezer Free (at least in our country). If I were Deezer I’d do anything to step out of Spotify’s shadow but apparently Deezer doesn’t care.

Spotify is a much bigger company than Deezer , the fact that Deezer even provided the option for free account for so many years is surprising to me considering how small it is compared to Spotify , Apple Music is bigger than both and I don’t see them offering you free option even though finically they definitely can afford it , 

At the end Deezer offering a service and we should choose if to pay or not to have access to it . 

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Same goes for other big companies like Amazon, also no free service.