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  • 24 July 2022
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Hello everyone. This is an idea that is in the Spanish-speaking community. I don't know if it has already been proposed. If so, can you tell me to vote for it? I would like to propose one thing.

I don't know if someone else thinks it's a good option but it would be very comfortable for me. And it is when you enter your artists that you follow the songs that you have marked as favorites. I know that if you do it from the favorite songs you can filter it by artists. But I see that there are more steps to be taken.

I know that Spotify has the option when you enter an artist you have an option that tells you what songs you have marked. I recently saw the Apple Music option that does the same for you (attached screenshots) and at the end it lets you see more songs by the artist.

I personally like to know what songs and what albums are from the artists I have. In such a way that when I enter an artist that I follow, I can know which albums I have already listened to / select the songs so as not to search album by album.



1 reply

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Hey there @An Jo Bal Pe

I found this very similar idea… 

Shall we merge them and you can vote that one?