Panasonic and Philips TV issue

  • 20 June 2022
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Not working on Panasonic and Philips smart TV. Please solve it.


Best answer by Superschlumpf 20 June 2022, 13:30

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Hey @Sashimir 

The deezer TV apps don't work on older TVs?
What are the type designations of your two televisions (usually found on the back)?
Are they possibly from 2017 or older?

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Panasonic also has a current problem with Deezer on their TVs in general. 
After the latest Panasonic update the app doesn’t work anymore. But they know about the problem and are working on a fix. 

Panasonic TV is TX-49CX740E and Philips TV is 50PUS6754. Deezer worked at first, but for several months it doesn’t. 


The Panasonic TV is model year 2015 and is no longer supported.
The Philips TV is model year 2019 and should actually be compatible with deezer.
Maybe @Yula can help.

How can it be no longer supported? It is not like it is a pre-Deezer Panasonic TV model. It worked, and it does not work any more. Therefore, some update has gone wrong, either Deezer or Panasonic one.

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It‘s all the same with hard- and software… one day will be the „end of life“ day. 
The old app will no longer be working/ supported/ available, and the new app isn‘t compatible with older hardware. 
That‘s life… 

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Hey @Sashimir, I have to agree with @Superschlumpf

I am afraid we are not supported anymore on that Panasonic Tv :(