Offline mode not working

Why i cannot be on offline mode ??

Best answer by Rob Igo 29 January 2020, 23:46

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Hi daxy, could you give us more details about the issue? What's the error message? What's the model, Deezer and OS version you're using?
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Hi there. If you still have any issue or question about it, please see this topic below or search for other similar ones 🙂 -

I work at sea and have been using deezer offline for over two years. My playlists are all downloaded to my phone, with the green dots next to them. Unfortunately the songs will only play if I'm connected to the ships WiFi or have a mobile signal. If I do connect deezer starts trying to download the music even though it is already stored on my phone. I'm using a Sony Xperia XZ and have been since I started using the Deezer service. This problem has only developed recently. So far the assistance from Deezer in the community has been terrible, with nobody seemingly finding a solution.

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Hi @kev-in81 

I’ve not been following this however I’ve seen some other posts and I think the new update on Android will fix this, please check the app store to see if there’s an update for your device and then try and let us know how you get on (I appreciate this be difficult immediately as you work at sea).



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Hi there @kev-in81 

Sorry that's happened. Please update our app to version, it should fix the issue!

Hi there @kev-in81 

Sorry that's happened. Please update our app to version, it should fix the issue!

I use the version The downloaded music play problem  in offline mode is stiil apear.
If I start to play my downloaded music at the place where an internet connection is present - the offline mode will work proprerly (I can litsen my music without the internet connection late untill my dizer app will be switche off).
But there is no chance to start listem my downloaded tracks from the place where is no internet or poor internet connection (edge for example).  No chance to listen something until I connect to the internet (switch off/on deezer or change the track does not help). In this case I will see the picture with the running circle at the left bottom part  during 5 - 10 - 15 minutes without any result.  


I often see this problem when come in to the subway…  it's really annoying

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Hi there @Konstantin Kandoba 

Sorry that's happening. Have you tried reinstalling the app after restarting your device? 

Sorry i have the same problem a year later, believe me, it is NOT fixed. In addition to that, please enable automatic updates for playlists… It’s a shame you still have to open each and every playlist one after another in order to update the playlist and eventually download new songs that were added. Even when connected to Wifi and playing music it does not happen automatically.

Also when you are on a really slow connection, stored offline content loads very slow or not at all. It’s a pain to use and constantly fiddling with the offline mode switch is not practical at all.

I am having the same problem. I restarted my phone, updated the app, logged out and back in and turned on offline mode in settings. Still doesn't work. Now considering changing to Spotify!


Is this still a problem for everyone?


On a mac the deezre app will not open properly if the computer is offline, so the local donloaded tracks can not be played. and some tracks which were showing as green dowloaded no longer do.


If this is the case what is the point of offline mode?




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Hey @Daniel Craddock, we can’t reproduce the issue, do you mind downloading the app again and re downloading your music?