New Samsung TV App

  • 23 November 2021
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New Samsung TV App
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Our brand new app for Samsung smart TVs is out and it comes with all the Deezer features we love! You can access Lyrics, Flow, Smart Playlists and Podcasts directly on your TV! The new app comes with a new design and it's already available to Deezer Premium, Deezer Family and Deezer HiFi users! :raised_hands_tone3:


Other TVs brands, hang on tight! We're still working closely with our partners and we hope to bring more news soon! 📺


Update your app and let us know what you think!



7 replies

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It's great that the new app is now available.
Unfortunately I have nothing to report: First I have to buy a Samsung TV. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hahaha thanks fro trying @dee_dirk !! Maybe for Christmas :sweat_smile:

Deezer server is not responding…. :sob:

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Niiice 🙂 too bad I have an 65” LG OLED. Wait a minute… this is good not bad :P

Do LG next :)

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I have had this version for quite some time sure this new design looks modern and well polished.

One thing I miss from the old version - the ability to quickly switch between different accounts or profiles.

As it is now, one has to completely log out, then the other person log in. :(

Three Samsung TVs here, recent updates have stopped Deezer working on any of them. Latest stupidity of entering the onscreen code on your phone only makes the TV app bring up a screen inviting you to go to Deezer.Com to subscribe to premium, nothing else. App on phone says no devices linked. Second TV,  app loads, goes to play,  not a sound, and the dreaded 'an error has occurred' appears.  You are continually fiddling and breaking the TV app, which used to work fine. "If it ain't broken, don't fix it..."

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This is usually good.

I would like to test your app out on Smart-TV I have at parents. It’s their TV, but I could test Deezer on it. Now, this is modern Android tv for 6 years straight and now the smart tv button does not work.

I click it, its only black screen and you can’t even see any app. They had deezer installed etc.

I took two hours of my life to install this TV, I was about to install deezer, until smart tv option broke again. I mean the app works great, but the TV has no update to Android. So it’s no smart tv anymore.

The reinstall of TV made no sense, as smart tv option broke again.

Way to go, it’s made in china!!!

It does not working. Would be nice to taste out this greatly looking app.

You buy TV for 799 euros not to have dumb tv after six years, bad from PHILIPS.

I guess they’d need new TV to continue using Deezer app, but it’s silly as tv channels run well.