new playlists layout is bad

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I noticed that since some months ago the “most played first” type of organization/filtering on the playlists had vanished on pc (started a topic but wasn’t answered :/) but at least on the mobile version everything was fine.

Until now. I don’t know if this is intended but as opposite from the albums page, the playlists page has a whole different layout where the covers are really small and you can’t switch that, also the organization/filtering now doesn’t have the “most played”


then (now only in albums)
then (now only in albums) these big covers were so beautiful
now :(

I guess it’s intended but i’d like to say the older version was so much more practical and also prettier, it’d be good if the “most played” were added again and this organization in lines were kept BUT there was a way to switch to the one with big covers side by side.

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Ah sorry @Arthurrx

I see what you mean now.

Yes it is intended, I am sorry you don’t like it, I will pass on your feedback. 

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I agree, back in 2015 I specifically chose Deezer over others since the UI makes much more sense but this is just idiotic. Why would you remove the option to filter by most listened. Makes it much more easy to get to my favorite playlists, especially when I'm going through multiple playlist to add or find new music. Would love to see this reverted. Don't see why having that option would hurt 

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@Yula this is a big issue for me too. Makes it much harder to quickly navigate to a playlist by album cover or find my favorite playlists that I listen to the most.  Very disappointed those options have been removed.

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Hey there :) 

Thank you for pointing this out, we are investigating the reasoning behind this choice, bear with us.