New Interface And Deezer Update

  • 3 December 2023
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Both suck. How do I get them to change the interface from the stupid Purple Heart To The Equalizer. And why is it they change the options on my playlist I can no longer see how many songs I have on each playlist or when I added to the playlist or the length of the tracks total on the playlist and they're charging me more for Less? This is pure garbage can anybody help me out with this thank you

2 replies

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Hi @duncanz21212121,

You aren’t able to change the purple heart to the old equalizer.

In both iOS and Android you can see the total of songs in your playlist and also the length in time.

Here are the iOS and Android examples:







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I still don't like it. I remember on the top it had all your songs the length and you would swipe to see how many there were on the top where you see album profiles or album covers it was just better and now we're paying more for less? I don't like it I don't like it at all but I have to keep it because I was literally the very first one to have MUVE music in Chicago Illinois so I've been there since the beginning literally