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There is one thing that drives me nuts when listening to Flow.  It would be so nice that somehow when it's not Christmas time, that Christmas music would not randomly play in Flow.  Christmas music should not be an option between January thru October - I think only November-December.  This would be fantastic if this could be fixed somehow

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Hey there @roaddog82

If you keep skipping the Christmas songs, your Flow will fix itself. 

But yes, fair point, we are working on improving the Flow and we consider this feedback too! 

I skip them all the time this time of year. If I skip them a bunch today and then skip the ones tomorrow , then they shouldn’t play more the next day. Maybe my flow is corrupt…?

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maybe @roaddog82, are you still getting christmas music on your Flow to this day? 

Can you please send me a screenshot of the listening history so we can double check for you?