Listening history short on Deezer

It looks like I can’t see more of my listening history than the last 40 songs. Something must go wrong, formerly I could see much more than 40. Where did the rest of my listening history go? Is there a way to recover it?




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Thank you so much for this.

I tried on my apps Deezer, and it has indeed at 40 recently heard tracks now.

I indeed remember it was more before.

I hope they will fix that.

Issue on Web Player, Android app shows more :pray:

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Hey @Balázs Gere-Hudy 

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please give us more details about the device, app version and OS?

Hey @Rudi 


I’m using the web player under Google Chrome v87.0.4280.88. My OS is the latest KUbuntu 20.04.

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Hey @Balázs Gere-Hudy 

We don't officially support Linux yet, but why don't you try clearing cache and cookies from the Chrome to see if it helps?

I cleared the cache and the cookies but it didn’t help. I also tried it on a fresh Windows 10 installation under Edge v87.0.664.55 and it’s the same, only 40 tracks in the listening history.

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Thanks for coming back @Balázs Gere-Hudy 

I'll be passing your details above to our devs. In the meantime, I'd like to let you know that we're developing a Linux Electron app :relaxed:

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Just discovered that I have the very same problem…


Simone promised on the Deezer support main site:

“Your listening history is all the songs you’ve played with Deezer, (not like search history, which is everything you’ve looked for).

Note: At the moment, you can only access your listening history through”


I can remember being able to access more, but now it’s limited to 40 … I can sometimes scroll down until about 75 but then suddenly all disappear and the page goes white. When I go through the same procedure again: desktop app or go to Favorites then More then listening history … all that’s there is 40.

It’d be really great to have the full listening history again and then to be able to download just the titles as a list for our music archive. According to the great 2020 My Deezer Year summary, I heard 6962 songs - I’d love to just be able to see them again.

P.S. I’m using the Mac desktop app and Firefox as a browser.

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Hi @Jody Roberto @hpguru I have reached out to our developers and as soon as I have a reply from them I will let you know. 
Keep in mind that it might take longer than usual as many people is on end of year break.
Thanks for your patience :relaxed:

Hello, any news on this? The history is still limited to 40 item…

Thanks in advance! :)

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Offtopic maybe, but note that scrobbling to with the internal Deezer option will enable to see all your listened tracks plus statistics and recommendations. You can enable it in the Sharing Preferences of the web player:

Also sometimes the play queue view cannot be scrolled down after 40 songs if you have zoomed the view. Zooming out might help in this case.