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  • 30 January 2023
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You know, I’ve been using Deezer for a very long time, so I was very surprised when I found out there had been a whole community while I was using the browser…

My idea is that you mention more about this community on the deezer webpage so that more new people can be helped with their questions and wonders, they can even point out problems that we’ve missed and probably make the deezer community and deezer webpage a better place😃.

Or another idea is that you can merge the community with the webpage(though that does take a lot of effort and coding, so maybe no but still take it into thought please)


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Hey @Endersya10 !

I’m glad you now discovered our community our worm welcome!!! 🎉

We are super happy that you’re part of it now. 😁

That is something we know and we are working on making ourselves known more around everywhere. 🌐

Please be free to create questions and topics to be part of our Deezer family! 😊

Take care!


Within the smartphone app you will find the item Help (in Settings) -> There is a direct link to the deezer community.

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Yeah, but that still doesn’t make it easy to access, you have to actually be in need to have the urge to find it, re-read my comment again, I said I want everyone to be able to know that help is just within their reach and they don’t have to search for it, also before I commented at all, I didn’t know how things worked until I got a better look around, but if a person was ever in need to find something very quick and immediately they would have a hard time finding it unless they know how the community works.

And thank you for the warm welcome @Johnathan Finotti! And thanks for telling me that you and the Deezer Team are well aware, sorry if I have caused any trouble.😬