Help wanted - Deezer Javascript SDK is no longer maintained!

  • 6 December 2022
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I was devastated to hear from the Deezer team that the Deezer Javascript SDK is no longer maintained. This hits hard because I was working on an open-source non-commercial alternative web player for Deezer that had extended features like group session for listening to music with friends at the same time and I can’t make the library work on mobile browsers because of the Deezer’s restrictions on userAgent.

Therefore, I think that Deezer should make their javascript library open-source to let other people contribute and maintain the code or just continue maintaining the code themselves.

I believe this is a serious problem, because giving developers easy access to the library is an important step to let others work and come up with new features that can improve the Deezer experience for all users.

If you also believe in the case, please leave a comment and raise an awareness on the topic.

I wish everyone a great day :)

5 replies

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Moreover, having a complete and functional API for Deezer would lead to much more Deezer integrations. Making Deezer more popular and known, as you will see it “everywhere" just like Spotify. You can find a “Connect to Spotify" button to add some functionalities in a lot of apps (for example Philips Hue and Discord), which can also indirectly be seen as some disguised ads (looking to be upvoted by the marketing team here).

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It is suicide to abandon integration with other systems.

Deezer has been doing well, they should not be maintaining it, they should be promoting it, getting more use out oof it, being more flexible, being better.

Announcing they are killing it, would just make me look to integrate with something else.  

Madness … as always.

I need a functioning SDK for my App. Looks like I’ll be instructing all users to cancel their Deezer subscriptions. This is stupid! Anybody try using the Napster SDK?

I am too facing issues with the Deezer JS SDK, especially with the player which is not loading at all (the API client is working just fine).

I contacted the technical support yesterday, and also asked if the said SDK is still being maintained, will post follow-up messages here when I’ll get an answer.

Not answer yet but found (a sad) one in another topic…