Deezer on Google Home in Belgium

  • 4 November 2018
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Deezer is still not available on Google Home in Belgium. It’s a shame need I to switch over to Spotify?

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47 replies

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Isn’t there a trick to deceive Google Home that you are in an other country than Belgium? Like using a VPN network. Then it should be possible to link Deezer to your Google Home :) 

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Shhhh :zipper_mouth:

We don't support VPNs @Martijn.Keymis 

It’s Google’s problem as mentioned.

The only “solution” is to cast Deezer from your phone to your Google Home device.

With the Google Home app you can play-pause-go to next song and change the volume.

It’s the only workaround. I really cannot understand Google in this thing.

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I would like to vote for this feature.
I am a Deezer Premium account for more almost 10 years.
And I have some Google Home and Nest at home.
I would really like to use Deezer on Google Home and Nest.

Could you please let me know when Deezer comes available on Google Home in Belgium?

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@Kim Vangilbergen hi there!

The sad truth is that it's all up to Google. But Google does not see this as a priority... 

Deezer did all the possible to arrange this... So we have to be patient 😤


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@Martijn.Keymis Thank you for your answer.
I have read the thread on Google support as wel.
So I don’t see the issue here, or the risk for them, as I would think that it will generate more Google Home and Nest users with Deezer accounts.
I actually started with an Amazon Dot because of the Deezer support, but my family does not talk English so often.
And the Dot does not support the Dutch language…
So I now have a Google Nest in the kitchen.

Basically, Is this about US vs EU politics??
That would be sad.

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I will first excuse me, but I’ll have to say this. And I know it is linked to my emotion .

But MUSIC is EMOTION and so I speak out.


What? Are you kidding me?


Please Google, Please Deezer solve this!

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Thank you for your honest feedback @Kim Vangilbergen trust me, we're eager to expand to more countries too, but it's a delicate process before we can achieve that. In any case, we'll keep engaging with Google to get this done.

In the meantime, you can try casting from your Deezer app straight to the Next, for example :thumbsup_tone2:

Have a great weekend!

Hi all


As of today the ‘link Deezer’ button is showing up in my google home app.

Unfortunately, I can’t finalize because of ‘unavle to connect to deezer cloud’.

Does this mean that deezer is finally going to be integrated into google home Belgium? 


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Hey @Ruben.Mabilde, I am sorry to disappoint but there has not been any release in new countries, yet! 

That’s why you can not pair it.  :unamused:

Thanks for your patience, we are always working to be available in new countries, but it does not only depend on us. 

I would also like to have Deezer available on Google Home. Otherwise I might also switch to Spotify...

So Google Nest Audio is useless for Deezer users?

Google Nest Audio products are useless in Belgium then? For Deezer users that is? You should put up a timeline with what you're working on. I've seen so many threads full of questions. Like gapless playback etc. All unanswered. "We try our best"

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Hello @Mauro de Milliano @jorn.leyssens 

Thank you for your patience. Once we have any update regarding the Google Home available on Deezer in Belgium, we will let our users know, so please stay tuned,

Bear in mind that this doesn’t depend just on us,

Apologies for the delay!

Thanks :)

For the technically-minded users, there is a solution, if you have a) a router with possibility for vpn tunnels b) a vpn provider.


Take an exit node in France, and route; 2a00:1450::/32 and (Google Home Foyer and Google User Content ranges) through it. Restart your google home devices, restart your phone with the Google Assistant used to link deezer, and presto: Google thinks you're in "la douce France", and all will work.

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Thank you for sharing the tip @Wirehead!

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I have no VPN available but it’s still not normal that in country’s as France, Spain, Germany and maybe other country’s it work.


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Hey @Polo48, it is normal ‘cause Google Home is not available in all countries. 

Google Nest Audio is currently available in the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Google home is available in Belgium sorry, I used every day.

Google home is available in Belgium sorry, I used every day.

Indeed it is. Deezer still needs to engage with Google to get this supported.

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I will never go over to Spotify, I stay with Deezer but now it’s time for action, this is discrimination.

If it is a us / eu problem. Why is it available on France and Germany then ?


We're living in 2022. I finally switched over to Deezer and now still this? :/