Can you please make new Flow moods less distractive?

  • 13 April 2022
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While I appreciate the recent addition to Flow allowing user to select the mood, that would be also great if you kept “Classic Flow” option let’s say in the center of the Flow circle.

I really enjoy the way the Flow mode works out of the box, and don’t really care about moods, but this new wheel is enforcing me to choose something specific. Moreover, every time I press “back” in order to avoid picking a specific mood, Flow keeps showing me that circle again and again which is pretty annoying.

I just want to press “Flow” and enjoy the music I used to do, with no additional questions asked.





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4 replies

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Hello @Pavel Pivovarov

The classic Flow mood is still the first option. From which device are you having this problem? 

Can you send a screenshot? 


This is what constantly pops up on my Android device (Galaxy S21)

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The classic flow is always there. It’s the center of the wheel. 

It didn't work for me, but I will try again.

Anyways can we have cancel gesture defaulting to the classic Flow, instead of asking for the mood again and again please?