blank playlist screen when internet is slow

When the internet is realy slow, the app won't load the playlists, downloads, …

I think this behaviour is not optimal and that the local data should be loaded first then try to reach remote data.

I can reproduce this behaviour every day(on google pixel 6 and huwaei p30), and i can work around it by simply deactivating wifi and mobile data (not really a good solution), then data will be loaded from the local resources.

Thank you.



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Hey there @Seifedine AOULED SAAD

Sorry to hear that, do you have enough space on your cache memory?


Could a solution be to download some playlists offline? 


I don't think you understand my issue, or may be i'm failing at explaining.

I have 11GB reserved for cache, with only 4.6 GB beeing used.

Most of my playlists are already downloaded, and they also do not show.

If I deactivate all types of connection, downloads and cache are loaded successfully.

That is why i am suspecting a behavioural problem by design rather than a bug.