Better "add to playlist" menu

  • 8 March 2023
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in the "add to playist" menu you can add a song to a playlist -- and remove it -- by ticking it's name


I use deezer a lot, and i have a lot of playlist, for several theme, ambiance etc, but managing in wich playlist is a song it's get really fast really annoying, so imagine when you listen to a whole new set of new music ald you want them all ? you spend more time to manage playlist than listening to music, and don't even think about something, my idea is simple :


everything become easier, faster, less frustrating and doesn't discourage you of adding musics to your playlist, spending 30 seconds for everyone is so tiring, and i don't even mention if you missclick and have to go all the way through your playlists, then alk the way to all the musics to remove the good one...

4 replies

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Hello @Jacke le Mort, add to playlist is one of the first options when you click on the 3 dots of the song. 

And when you click to the name of the song, it plays, I think that’s the most intuitive option. 


@Yula yep, and it open a list with all the playlist, you search the one, clik on it... and back to music, but if you want to add it in other playlist you have to do that again... and again... and again, what i'm saying is we should be able to add --and remove-- from that list easily without getting back to defaut screen everytime, juste like you can do on youtube, if you don't see what i'm talking about just go to youtube and see. (and i dont even talk about the size of icon, making it a really looong list annoying to navigate when you start to have a certain number of it)

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Hey, ok I see what you mean, thank you for sharing your feedback! 

crossing my fingers now 🤞 XD