Artist SOPHIE haveing 2 Accounts

  • 1 December 2022
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The artist SOPHIE has two accounts, one main one, and the other that just appears randomly and is also faceless. Her main account isn't connected to her Remix album but the faceless account is. Is there an issue somewhere because sometimes when she is featured on a song her faceless account will be used to be credited. I'm suggesting maybe you guys can merge the two or remove the faceless account and switch it with the main account. Since my deezer year thing I had her twice on my list. This would be an amazing quality of life change ❤️❤️


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4 replies

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Hello @delphine_xc

Thank you so much for reporting it. 

I could not find the faceless page, could you send me the link please and the name of the album linked to it? 

Thanks a lot!



This page also credits other artist called SOPHIE, also on Basside's EP F*CK IT UP, the faceless Sophie page is credited I think you guys gotta re check a lot tracks.





Hello, here is the link to the faceless page:


This faceless page of SOPHIE is the one credited for the remix album( ) instead of the actual SOPHIE page( ), even though the actual SOPHIE page lists the remix album as part of the discography. As you can see, in the remix album, the songs are credited to the faceless page, and not the actual SOPHIE page.

Also, four songs by other artists are credited to this faceless page as well, and they do not belong there, as they are obviously not SOPHIE-related at all:


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Hey @drunkcock The remix album has been moved to the correct SOPHIE profile.