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  • 16 March 2023
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Hi there 👋


When asking android auto to play a specific artist via Google assistant, only the first song will be from the requested artist before a mix of similar artists will start playing instead.

I've tried commands such as "play artist on Deezer" and "play songs by artist on Deezer" which previously would of worked on Spotify.

Is there a voice command which will get Deezer to play songs only by one artist? 


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9 replies

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Hi @te8795 no updates on this I am afraid.
Apologies for the inconvenience

Any update in past 7 months for this "known issue"?

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Hi @ueverett @Stephen11 @te8795, thanks for your messages.
Indeed this is a known issue and our developers are working on a fix, but we still don’t have an estimate date for the release of that fix.
Apologies for the experience that you are getting right now.

Exactly this.  The command is understood by Android, but is then poorly tranalated by/implemented by Deezer and original tracks don’t come up.  Deezer almost always comes up with songs that are covers.  Other apps do better, so clearly an issue at the Deezer side of how it is interfacing.  @Yula @GropplerZorn 

I've used apple music, Spotify, and tidal with Google assistant /android auto. And when asking to play an artist on android auto, all 3 of these services would proceed to play the music by that artist only, usually the top tracks of the requested artist.


Deezer is the only service which doesn't do this, and instead plays a mix of random songs based on that artist.

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@Yula: Could you please indicate if you are working on updates for the Android Auto app (voice commands, playlist control, ….) and what would be the timeframe. Frankly there is very little progress on software development outside the standard android app...

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hey @keoniadams 

as @Yula wrote above and linked the resource doc to, with Android Auto Google is your friend, and Siri handles CarPlay.

even with the new Android Automotive, Google handles all the commands. Many of the limitations and restrictions are imposed because it’s an application for cars, this is also why the Google Play Store is so limited with its selections.

Can you add better voice features to Android Auto? i’d rather say something like “Hey Deezer, play black sabbath” vs. having to ask Google and then hoping the interface to Deezer works. 

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Hello there @Stephen11

Sorry for the late reply :( 

Unfortunately we don’t have the option to give voice commands on Android Auto. 

Here you can find the options available on Android Auto: