Allow desktop app users to select storage location and gapeless playback

  • 22 September 2022
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Hi, deezer its been amaizing, I just have a little issue with the desktop app for Microsoft Windows, resulting in me not being able to select where I want/need to store the deezer cache, this becomes a problem with many users that have a new laptop with 128GB SSD main drive and another 1TB secondary HDD, it is my case, almos all new laptops comes in this configuration to be cheaper and faster, please allow us users to select where to install the Deezer Desktop app and where we need and want to store the data of it.

Just to finish, it would be incredible if you enable gapeless playback, it will be amaizing, I know what it implies but I´ll be thankful if you achive it.


1 reply

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You should not create ideas with more than one per thread, because it is not possible to count them properly this way. I think both of your suggestions have separate ideas already on this forum, gapless playback for the desktop app is not available yet, but you could use the web player in your browser which can do this in the meantime, also the mobile apps.