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  • 7 January 2022
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November is the only month that doesn't get a playlist for your most listened to track of that month. Instead, we get a top tracks of the year playlist, but its rather preemptive to release that on Dec. 1st, as there are still 30 days left to influence your listening habits of that year. Instead, the yearly playlist should be release closer to the end of the year, allowing for November to still get a playlist like every other month


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8 replies

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Hey @Cats888 

The November playlist was available via a direct link on the web until the end of December. But now it has been replaced by the December list.

Reviving this post so we can discuss about the "my top November" playlist that is now showing up... This link sends me to the Top October…

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With the mentioned link I get the list "my top november".


Weird... I still get October…


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I think the november lists are currently being rolled out and are not yet available in every account.

Weird... It never took this long... Usually when I wake up I already have the playlist available, now it's almost end of the day here and I still can't see it.

Once again learned something new, I didn't even know this kind of playlists, but I'm glad now that they exist. 🎼🎸🎤🎶🎺🎹

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My top November is just a playlist of a flow sessions I had November 27. It’s not accurate at all didn’t even include my top repeat songs