The Super User Badge!

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Are you passionate about Deezer, its features and functionalities and you also enjoy solving problems, helping others or sharing your knowledge and expertise? 





What is this badge about? 


The Superuser badge is awarded to users who join our Superusers program, which consists in empowering the most active users in the Community and giving them the ability to access more functionalities on the platform.


Our Superusers, called Deezer Legends, are the most helpful, friendly and knowledgeable users. They are reliable and know a lot about music and the Deezer app.


How do I become a Superuser? 


It's simple: Help out other members of the Community! 

You can: create conversations, answer questions, suggest tips or ideas, create content…


The qualities of a Super User: goodwilled, supportive and honest
We will contact you when we have spotted your talent 😉
You can also write to us or comment under this post if you want to show your interest in the badge 💙


And what do I get with this badge? 


  • A special badge to recognize you as a Super User 🥇
  • A private and direct conversation with Community Managers 🤫
  • Sneak peaks about features and more, get the news before everyone else 📲
  • Additional permissions in the community ⌨️
  • The ability to participate in pilot or beta testing of innovative features 🤓
  • Online gatherings and one-off events 🎉
  • A welcome gift 🎁
  • Other secret surprises… 🤫🤫🤫

To be a Super User is to be goodwilled and to help the Community in the way that suits you the most. There is no specific commitment, we understand that everyone has their own life and that you will be able to participate and discuss with the Community when you can  😉.


Want to know more about our Community? Read our COMMUNITY GUIDELINES

Do you have questions or want to learn more about Deezer’s Superuser Program?

Just let us know and leave a comment below



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We superusers are also quite handsome.


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Every beauty has got a beast! 😉


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The Super Users get the beauty from their Community Manager 😝



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So please, can you help @Kevin Deezer to make the most of himself? 😂

We SU on DE community also would like to profit from. 😎

But now i understand why @dee_dirk is hanging around here becoming SU. He needs the double beauty package. 😉

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Hahaha did you hear that @Kevin Deezer? time to go shopping! 



We superusers are also quite handsome.


SpongeBob is handsome

Hello Handsome SpongeBob

Hi, I’d be interested in being a Super User … how can I make that happen?

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Hi, I’d be interested in being a Super User … how can I make that happen?

Hey @ericpbutcher, to become a Super User you just need to be an active part of the community. 

Help others by answering to their questions, write posts, participate in the events we create… 

Can’t wait to see you around the forum more and more! 

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Hey @Yula !

I want to join SuperUser program ,is there some SUPERUSER BADGE for me !?


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We superusers are also quite handsome.


Oh you are Dirk , you defiantly are .