Intergalactic Guide of the Community ✨

  • 30 March 2023
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Intergalactic Guide of the Community ✨
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Wether you are a Rock, Pop, Country, are a STAR of the Deezer Community !


You all know that in the Community you can write topics, write replies and give Best Answers and you have probably been doing a lot of this already! 


But did you know that you can also… 

Play Games👾


Every Tuesday on the Homepage you will find a new Emoji Quiz! 

Join this group to see who is the Quiz Master of the week and of every period and to get a WINNER BADGE!



On special occasions we organize temporary games in the Community, like our Easter Deezer Hunt 🐣

Keep your eyes open because you never know what the prize could be 👀



Join a testing group👨‍🔬: 


Join our Deezer Lab group to see if there is an upcoming feature that needs your testing and more importantly you feedback, like we have been doing for the Flow Testing group and the SongCatcher!



Stay updated 📣: 



All Deezer News are posted on our Product Updates forum!

Always check these articles because we often hide little games

where you can win one of our fabulous Badges.



Share your music 🎶:


Join our Music Tribe group, where you can tell us what you have are listening to RIGHT NOW on this thread created by SuperUser @Noam Asulin,

share a playlist you created here!



Who takes care of the Community? 


The Community is taken care by all of us, Users, SuperUsers and Community Managers 🤝🏻

The Community is a space where everyone can participate, share their knowledge about Deezer, music and tech, if you know the answer to a question you see in the Community don’t hesitate in helping another user! 

I am the only permanent Community in this space so feel free to come directly to me for any clarification or to bring something to my eyes that I am overseeing. If I am away from the Community for a long time you might see other Deezer Staff Member like @Jaime. or  @Leonídia.Deezer  !

Interested in becoming a Super User? Read about it here 👇



I hope this article will help you get the best out the Community, 

what are your favourite things to do in the Community? Do you have any ideas for posts, activities or groups in the Community that you think we should implement? Share them in the comments below...



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