Launching a song mix will sometimes create a playlist with just that single song

As stated in the title, sometimes with certain songs from small artists, attempting to launch a song mix will launch a playlist with just that single song in it. Particularly, I encounter this with Cherry Blossom by Ottom.

Expected behaviour: I launch a song mix which creates a playlist with songs similar to the target song

Actual behaviour: A playlist consisting of just the target song is created

Devices: any(?), tested on desktop, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Google Pixel 7 Pro

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Hi @antikovt !

You're right.

It does not play MIXES of song Cherry Blossom by Ottom, just stop .


I tried another song, and it plays MIXES .


Oops, marked as answered on accident, sry

@antikovt  Maybe you need to open a new one or ask a Community Manager if they can unmark this one.