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  • 14 January 2022
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Using Chromecast has never been easy with Deezer, an issue I have now is that, sometimes, when playing my flow on my Chromecast Audio, the cast seems to crash, and when I restart the app it reconnects to the Chromecast but the song being played is the first one I heard on my flow.

Second issue is that, when trying to get back to the song I was listening to (after the previous bug), I quickly click on the next button (skipping 1~2 songs) until the cast seems to crash (music stopped and the bottom "Being played" bar disappears but the "Listening" icon on upper right side is still animated like in the screenshot).

When I do the same with my Android TV, the "Being played" screen freezes on this view (buttons do nothing):

But I can still swipe down to hide it and do something else on Deezer.

In both cases, when I press the play button on upper right side of the screen (next to the Cast icon) like in the first screenshot, the playlist is playing again from the beginning.

I also had this issue (at least once) on the normal Deezer app (not Beta). And I am currently using the


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Hello @Behike , thank you for your report. I have created the issue on our side, the team in charge of cast will study this crash. We will try to keep you in touch on this issue.