Unable to add songs to queue

  • 1 December 2023
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Help.Deezer Android app removed the option to add songs to the queue since last update?? Does this happens to anyone else?


I've also tried reinstalling the app completely, still got the same problem.

App version


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4 replies

There is also no way to edit or reorder the tracks that did make it to the queue.


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Hi @MysticViolet !

I’m on android app Deezer version

and don’t have any queue issue !


Hi @MysticViolet !

I’m on android app Deezer version

and don’t have any queue issue !

Upon checking this problem only accure when I'm using the casting feature. (Aka, 50% of the time I'm playing music, which is not ideal.)

Screen recording for reference

Thanks for the reply ✨

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Hi @MysticViolet, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue.

The problem with Chromecast is known, and our developers are actively working on a solution.

Unfortunately, we don't have an estimated timeframe for resolving this problem.

Nevertheless, I suggest you access this article on Chromecast.

I also advise you to send an email to our Customer Support here so they can link your case to the incident. You will receive an email as soon as the problem is resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience you are currently experiencing.