Suboptimal UX with downloaded Podcast

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When I hit the download podcast button in the Android app, it seems like it is non-responsive and nothing happens, however when checking the download section it will have downloaded apparently. This is annoying as when going though a large list of podcasts, you can not distinguish which ones you have already downloaded.

This same behaviour is also prevalent when removing downloaded podcasts: hitting remove podcast doesn't actually seem to do anything. Only when you leave and re-enter the downloaded podcasts menu you will see that they have actually been removed.


Device: Pixel 6 - Android 13 - Deezer 7.0.24

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Hello there @WznOwen,

I can’t reproduce the issue, could you please send me screenshots of what you mean? 
Thanks a lot

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I can understand that this might be hard issue to reproduce because this behaviour is not consistent. Mostly it happens when I'm not connected to WiFi , searching through podcasts whilst travelling, but also when I am connected to WiFi. If I then hit the download buttons as highlighted in the screenshot, nothing seems to happen. No downloading icon, no queue icon, just no reaction. Often, later on I will find the podcast in my downloaded list, but it is entirely unclear when this might happen.

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Hey @WznOwen

Just to be clear you can only download while connected to wifi (or data if it’s allowed)!

Do you have the notifications turned on on your app? 

It’s true that sometimes it does not show anything while it’s downloading, only once the download is done. 

But in the notification bar it will show that Deezer is downloading.