How to keep Deezer playing in the background over other audio apps (workout apps)

  • 14 November 2023
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In the past, my Deezer music has played over my other work out/video apps (FitOn, YouTube). I was able to listen to my Deezer workout play list while waching the work out video on my mobile phone. Since the new logo and whatever changes were made, every time I open another app that uses audio - it shuts down Deezer. It was all working perfectly until the recent changes. Is there some setting that has change that I can change back? Or is this part of your new coding? How do I get Deezer to keep playing in the background over other video apps? I am sure it is a quick fix😉


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Hello @AJx thanks for raising this topic. 

As far as I know, even when you have videos without sound, music would cut off immediately. 

I can add, that I have run a test in other platforms and could observe the same behaviour.

For Deezer app, it is the same behaviour on iOS and Android devices.

Only on PC, you can listen Deezer and see a video at the same time.

Nevertheless, I found a workaround on mobile Android:

  • Open YouTube via Chrome browser
  • Change to Desktop View using Chrome browser settings
  • Again press 3 dots > Settings > Site Settings > Content Sound option > Create an exception for

With that you can play videos on the browser and keep earing music in the Deezer app. Tested here and it works.