Google assistant can't play albums or artist on Deezer

  • 19 December 2020
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When I am asking to play something specific on Deezer, google says that something went wrong. I am on Android 11 and Oneplus 8 Pro.



Best answer by Rustam Gimadiyev 11 January 2021, 18:21

Thank you!

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12 replies

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Hi there. Simlar issue.

When I used Google Play Music I said “Ok Google. Play some music” and it started playing Google Music’s “Flow” aka “Feeling lucky”. I say the same Deezer Premium as my main source, it does nothing. Why, and how one may make it work? It was handy before, not anymore please?

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We've reported the issue to our devs who have initially claimed this is being affected by Google @hpguru @Rustam Gimadiyev but don't worry, we'll keep pushing for an improvement!

Thank you for your feedback and apologies for the inconvenience :pray_tone2:

Thank you!

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I installed Google again, and it is still an issue.

I have Assistant and assistant supported Sony headphones and earphones.

They are all crazy good, but nothing will play on Deezer.

Assistant only opens Deezer and no music happens.

  • “Ok Google, play my Flow on Deezer
  • “Ok Google, play My music on Deezer
  • “Ok Google, (Deezer Editor's Playlist) music on Deezer
  • ”Ok Google, play Hard Dance Quarantine on Deezer
  • “Ok Google, play Da Tweekaz on Deezer
  • Ok Google, play The Things You Hated by Refuzion on Deezer
  • “Ok Google, Hardstyle music on Deezer

I say that and nothing happens, it only opens Deezer?

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We're working on improving this with Google, @hpguru thanks for reporting it!

Cant play deezer playlists on google home with assistant?

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Already following this up with you on this topic here, @Shrimp:


When asking GH to play a specific artist, such as Vivaldi, GH answers me saying ‘OK I will play Antonio Vivaldi on Deezer’ which indicates it well understood the request, but then what it plays is not from Vivaldi (from the first or second track).

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Thanks for reporting it @FrancisR I'll let the team know about this!

In any case, there's work being carried out on the integration to improve the performance of voice commands. Stay tuned :relaxed:

It’s been a while since I’ve reported this bug and nothing changes. It makes Deezer really inconvenient in a car.  Youtube music works perfectly.

I can make it play the Flow, stop and skip a song. If I want to play a certain song / artist / album via the Google Assistant, I get the “Requested content is not loading.” in the Deezer app. It used to work fine.

And yes, I did use the commands listed in similar threads.

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Hi there @calicdu 

Can you try casting from your app directly to the Nest?

Have you tried restarting your network router after about 3 minutes?