Deezer player widget disappeared (android)?

widget on android phone worked fine till I connected with android TV to stream some music. Together with that widget just disappeared from phone screen. I've tried to add it aganin but now I see only 2 available widgets: Playlists and Flow. Where is player widget??
Lock screen widget works fine.


I reset my phone and widget was back. I added it to phone screen, started streaming to TV and widget disappeared in the same moment.
Any idea?

Best answer by Carlos.Conde.Carvalhal 8 October 2019, 09:00

Change you notification settings in order to allow deezer to be shown.
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Hi @John.Nowak, please reinstall the app 😉
Change you notification settings in order to allow deezer to be shown.
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I have the same issue with latest app version. 

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Working on it @Dawid_m, thank you for reporting it :thumbsup_tone2:

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After streaming to Chromecast, the widget disappeared as it always does. But now, it doesn't come back! I get only the flow and playlists widgets. 

How do I fix this?

Edit: Suddenly, it reappeared. 

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Apologies for the experience @stepal so confusing!

Keep me posted, I'm also in touch with the devs about these things :thumbsup_tone2:

The same always happens with me as well. Any update about it? When it’s going to be fixed? Always I need to uninstall the app, download again, and download all the offline music content again. It’s bad going this way.

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Hello @Marcos Tadeu, what model of smartphone are you using?



I ha e the exact same problem. Most annoying! It happened with my S9 and now the same with the S20 ultra with all the latest software installed. Today it happened again and this time I only had the 1x1 widgets to choose from. 10 minutes later the player widget was available again.


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Hello, really sorry to hear this.

You are missing widget for sure :pray:

It still works on my Samsung A40 smartphone. The widget and it’s Swedish haha :d

My battery is low, but perhaps I will be able to do a walk with that.

I like because it looks wonderful and music is always fine quality 320K. Perhaps, try to reinstall?

The widget, if you mean this widget, works just fine.