Can't search by artist in my Albums - Android

  • 10 March 2023
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Same issue as this post, which was never resolved:

In the Android app, within my Albums, I can search by album name but not artist. So, same example as this other post: searching for “Metallica" shows zero results, but searching a specific album title does work

Edit: within the Downloaded Music section, I CAN still search by both artist and album

4 replies

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I already told them about it. It seems like a feature not bug.


I hope it will be changed as I also think it's not logical. 

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@Yula asked for a screenshot in that other topic, so I still hope this is not the intended behavior. So here we go.

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Oh, and this feature would also be great in the Android Auto app when a lot of scrolling and reading is impossible while driving. I cannot remember all the titles of my hundreds of albums, but I usually know the artist name.

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Oh I see what you mean, yes it is by design, but we will pass on your feedbacks and ideas!