Bugs with the latest updates

  • 26 November 2023
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I want to report 3 issues that appeared in the latest updates. They are extremely annoying.

1. My favorite playlist is in my downloads. But whenever I am in the offline mode. It never loads. And asks me to exit the offline mode. his was not the case before.

2. I had a broken song, but the repair function was removed.

3. (Screenshots attached) I sort my favorite playlist by artist. And when I click on the song, and expect to listen to my favorite songs by the artist and I don't get that. The playlist is in "I don't know what" order altho the shuffle button is off. And that was not the case before.

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1 reply

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Hello @Sofiia.Kozoriz thanks for sharing these concerns.

Starting by replying to observation 2 - I checked in beta version and in normal version and the function repair file is still there.

About the 1 and 3 point, could you please share video of the step by step you do, so we can try to replicate same issues.

Also please share model, brand and OS of the your device, plus the Deezer version installed.