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Hello! I use to use the app on an Samsung Fold and after a couple of songs the app shut down with error. I change my phone into a Samsung Flip and I have the same problem. I use the phone with the same account on another Samsung and I dove have these problems. The sons stops and when I look at the app sometimes the app is closed and another time the play is in error. 

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Hi @Iuliana Simona Dragoman :

Well now, are you able to tell us something more about this error you are seeing on your phone? Or even better, post a screenshot here?


There is nothing on the screen. The app is closed. When I open the phone, the app is like I just started it and it remains on the last song that I was listening.


Thank You

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Hi @Iuliana Simona Dragoman, sorry to hear that you are having this kind of issue.

I can’t reproduce the issue, so would be great if you could record a video to better understand the problem.