My Flow Stuck in the 80's and 90's

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For whatever reason, my flow of 5 years is lately stuck in the last century and I can't reset it, regardless of how many artist I skip or select Don't Recommend. The support team was also useless in helping after multiple inquiries. It's getting annoying. Why did it change suddenly and why is it stuck?


Best answer by Ákos.Moldován 7 May 2022, 21:16

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Hey @Ákos.Moldován I am sorry to hear that. 
Does your flow only plays 80’s and 90’s songs?
Could you please provide examples (maybe a screenshot of the queue) and as much information as possible, in order to investigate?
Thanks for your help

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Dear @Jaime. I am attaching the ss. I cleared my cache before starting flow again.

In the meantime, support was kind enough to pass it on to the devs.!ApT27XAjGGC_wXzprGPjUXAsq6T9