Make tracks manually added to queue play next to each other.

Currently I can either add a new track to the end of the queue, meaning that I have to wait for my current queue to complete before the manually added tracks play, or I have to add them in reverse order to play right after the one I’m listening to now. I would like “Add to queue” option to create something of a temporary queue that plays the songs I’ve manually added in the order they were added then go back to playing the original queue, simillarly to how Spotify works.


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Hey @skypartan have you tried using play next instead? Does that help with the problem or not? 


The problem I find with play next is that it always add the new song right after the current one instead of after the previous one I added as “play next”, reversing the order I want these songs to play. Because of that I need to always add the songs in reverse so they play in the order I want.

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Yes I see what you mean @skypartan, there is an open idea already that is asking the same thing, 

please vote it here: