Lyrics feature - We need your feedback!

  • 15 October 2019
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Our Lyrics feature is one of our favorites, but we know we can make it better. We've had good suggestions in our ideas forum but we need more of your opinion to take another step in order to improve this so popular feature. :ear_tone2:

For this reason, we'd like to invite you to post your feedback here, in one place - so that our product managers and developers can see what we're missing out! :nerd:


Don't forget to leave your comment below

@djjestaa @Hoo Boo our product managers have been monitoring your suggestions too ;)

walker 3 years ago

I agree with all:
-Offline lyrics
-Community lyrics with review from CM
-Customize lyrics
-Game about lyrics: gaps for example.
-Tell a mistake
-Lyrics for radio stations

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97 replies

The sync is horrible in the android app, just unusable for me, in all the songs I have tried, just no point to keep using it if it doesn't work.

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Thanks for the feedback @JD_ sorry for the experience. Could you please let me know which Android app version you have installed? I'll let our devs know about this!

PLEASE !!! Bigger fonts when showing the lyrics !!!!!!

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PLEASE !!! Bigger fonts when showing the lyrics !!!!!!

Did you try with glasses if you see any better?

Rest assured they are improving this year Deezer features already in it, so I hope this too.

Hi.I have a disabled daughter and it is really hard for her to read the lyrics because they are so small.I tested Tidal and have to say they did it a lot better. Please add a possibility to make them bigger.


Lyrics font-size too small

When making improvements to the lyrics, hope that you will also be able to compete against Apple Music with the number of songs that have synced lyrics. Love your service (and that there is competition) but they’re doing great job with the UX and assortment

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Hey @Vlad.Milas @Raúl13 this is one of things on our devs scope and I hope we can have news and updates on Lyrics font size in the short term.
Thanks for your patience :)


Make lyrics searchable and make lyrics filterable.

Example: If I cannot remember a song’s title but a verse, it would be helpful to be able to search for words I remember from the song. If that’s supposed to be working already, it doesn’t for me :-)

Example for “filtering”: The same idea applies (you’d get a search result for the words you typed in in “lyrics search”), but you’d be able to “filter music out”, e.g. for Flow. That way users could create filters of words they don’t want to hear in combination in a song in their flow (yes, this is playing on my “global filter for religious music” posted elsewhere, but it’s more general). 





Some of the Live Lyrics aren’t synchronized properly with the song. please provide an option within the lyrics so we can report for those glitches.



I have the same problem, for example with Cold by Maroon 5, actually a relatively well-known track.


Please increase the pressure on the partner who provides you with the lyrics! Too many songs have no lyrics at all and many many more songs do not have live lyrics! What to do with such a feature as the lyrics when it is not present in the application! consider changing lyrics provider and moving to musixmatch!

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Thanks for your feedback @mitsiklas13. I’ll pass it to the team leading the Lyrics project.


I think the size of the font for the lyrics should default to the system font size.

And people should have the option in deezer's settings to set the font size to a different size for Deezer, or even just change it for the lyrics part, because it seems that it's fine for everyone on the rest of the app.

On my end, I always have the fojt pretty small (most of my friends find it too small but I can read perfectly and mostly on public transports it's harder for others to read)

When I open the lyrics part it's so big I feel like an old person who made the font bigger so that they can read when their phone is less than a meter away.

So defaulting to system size and allowing to change it in Deezer seems like the best way to implement it imo.

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Hello @Breigner01 thanks for your honest feedback, it is very important for us. 
Many users asked for a long time for bigger lyrics size and we did so. 
I’ll pass your feedback to the Lyrics team so they can consider to implement your suggestion :)

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Please add an option where we can flag wrong or unsynchronized lyrics.  

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@Mr. Jahrami Lyrics is one the priorities at the moment and we want to continue to be a pioneer when it comes to lyrics and adding emotional layers to our users experience.
Report a problem feature is our next step and it is coming very soon.

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In fact it already exists in the new Android beta version, see the related forum thread:




Make lyrics searchable ...

Example: If I cannot remember a song’s title but a verse, it would be helpful to be able to search for words I remember from the song. If that’s supposed to be working already, it doesn’t for me :-)



Lyric sites on the internet are notoriously sketchy and full of exploits and malware.  Would be nice to have a safe place to search lyrics inside deezer.

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I think there should be an option where you can set your preferred language for the partially available lyrics translations. I have my app and my phone in english, but my first language is german, so I would like to read some of the english lyrics in german for comprehension reasons. But I can't do that because deezer thinks I'm english. Maybe you can also couple that with the language of the country selector. The language of the UI should still depend on the system settingsThe english UI


Why do lyrics no appear when casting if I move from artist to artist? If I listen to an album in its entirety the lyrics appear.. but as soon as I skip to a new song or artist, they no longer appear, only the album cover.. I have been looking for an answer to this for a long time.. frustrating.

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When will we be able to add lyrics ourselves when they are missing?

I would like to be able to kill the lyrics while using Chromecast. Better to concentrate on the music and album art.