• 10 March 2023
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Hello, When I'm visiting an artist/band page it becomes more often that the  current discography is'nt showing on the artists page; for instance Bachman- Turner Ovedrive, but also others, like for instance the band Candlemass…


Can this be fixed for all the other artistpages?


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4 replies

Hey @Arnozel 

Do you use Android? Recently updated to the latest version?

It seems a bug made its way from the beta to the stable. With the web version, BTO's discography is displayed correctly.

@Yula & @Johnathan.Deezer -> Can you tell more about that?

I use android 12

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I have the same issue on beta version with some artists. I already reported about it. 

I got feedback:
Developers are aware of the bug and are working to fix it.