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  • 24 February 2023
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Could a mod please delete my profile/account. 


Very strange to not let users change their username, and even stranger not being able to delete my own account…


Thank you.


Best answer by dee_dirk 25 February 2023, 09:03

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Hey @Kevin Klonne 

I'll link directly to @Johnathan.Deezer, who will definitely be in touch here shortly.

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Thanks @dee_dirk

Yeap! I can help you to delete your account @Kevin Klonne! I sent you a private message. 😊

Take care.✌🏽

@Johnathan.Deezer [edit] I have connected via Chat. You may ignore this message. Thanks. Bye.

I want my deeper account deleted please

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Hi @Cody1984, thanks for your message.
To understand better your request, could you please share with us the reason why you want to delete your Deezer account?
Maybe I can help you if you have any issues.

I don't use it I didn't even remember having it till I got a notification someone was trying to hack into my account please delete it. Thank you

My account delete?

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My account delete?

Not entirely sure what you are asking here, Marco, but if you are trying to get your account deleted, perhaps try contacting deezer support →

If that’s not what you’re asking, you have my apologies.

@Johnathan.Deezer could you delete my account. I didn't realize I signed up.

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We have already deleted your account

Thanks 😄

@Johnathan.Deezer could you please delete my profile/account? Thanks.

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​Hi @adap, I am very sorry to see you leaving our Deezer Community.
Even so, I already deleted your account.