why is Deezer going to be deleted from Fitbit as from March 2023?

  • 17 January 2023
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Just got an email from Fitbit announcing that Deezer will be deleted from Fitbit as from March 2023. Why?? I purposely bought premium account with Deezer because of that. Can we at least have an explanation given that I'm still paying premium with the increased fee ending up like this :(




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7 replies

Hey @monamina 

In addition to deezer, Pandora is also affected.

I know right! Would love to know what's going on/to happen to us subscribers. 

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Fitbit wants to focus their products on fitness and sport. As a consequence, they decided to remove Deezer from their service.


Thanks Yula! Pity that most of us focus on fitness and sport with music (Deezer)

I purchased my Versa 3 on 5 March 2022. It was advertised that it had music storage capabilities through Deezer. Now that this feature is being taken away, this is false advertising. The watch is useless to me for my needs. I will demand a refund to shop for a product I expect to have features I need. I am still within a year of purchase and I now class the product as faulty. I have been a Fitbit customer for many years and I feel completely cheated and ripped off. 

Hey @FredFitbit98 

If you like, you could post Fitbit's reaction here so that other affected users know what to do.


of course I will do but unfortunately they do not respond to anything at all 😩