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  • 29 November 2022
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I am Premium subscriber since 2015 and am wondering if this is a pricing error:

My annual Premium is set at €143.88 in is renewing in December. Though on the site is says it should be €107.88 for an annual commitment (-25%)

Could you confirm?


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7 replies

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Hello @Charlo24

What country is your account from please? 🌐

Are you trying to renew it through an iPhone? 📱

Can you please check the price on our website through your computer, please? 💻

Thanks for your reply Johnathan,

Im based in Ireland.

On a PC, iPad or iPhone the annual subscription payment due in December for my premium plan is €143.88 (under my account).

Just wondering why, as a loyal annual subscriber for over 7 years I’m asked to pay €35 more than the advertised annual rate?

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Hello @Charlo24

Throughout the year we have been adding Hifi quality to all our subscriptions, 

our prices have been adjusted accordingly. 

You should have received an email about it :) 

This is the reason why you see the new price now. 


Hi Yula,


no I’m sorry but that does not seem correct. It is plainly advertised on Deezer that you should receive a 25% discount for paying annually as I do.

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Hi @Charlo24!

Yes, you still getting the annually discount, but the normal price is adjusted as well. 

Take care.


I’m seeing the same issue and your explanation makes no sense. I pay a single, annual payment of £143.88

I’m in the UK and have been a member since 2016. The price increase takes the “monthly” subscription fee to £11.99 (or over 12 months, £143.88)

If I’m paying a single, annual payment (which I am, and always have), I should be paying the discounted price of £107.88


I should either be paying

£11.99 every month for 12 months… or

£107.88 once, each year


Can my subscription be updated to “Annual pricing” please? If you cannot fix this, please escalate to someone who can…








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@kingdotnet It is not ideal but one option is to cancel the current subscription and wait until the Premium period ends on the 1st January (a few more days). Then, once the account is back to free, login to your account on a PC/Mac and resubscribe to the annual subscription in order to get any discount/offer available for you at the moment.
Please let me know how it goes