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I have been in contact with Daniel . The problem has been reported. All of my downloads are now showing as not being downloaded. I have a fairly big music collection with Deezer and I have paid every monthly fee . This is annoying to the point that I will now cancel my subscription in full ifvit is not corrected soon. I use my phone and tablet as a form of relaxation . I can't seriously download them all a second Time only to lose them again after paying for them . So look can I please get a response??? That makes sense. 


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Hey @kawasaki77 I have contacted our developers and they confirmed they are working in a permanent fix that should be available for all affected users in a couple of weeks.
Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience 

Thank you Jamie. But as can imagine while I'm waiting i am still paying. I agreed to the increase of the subscription some time back and now I can't listen to my music . Everything i have downloaded is now not downloaded . Very very annoying.

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@kawasaki77 I completely understand and I do apologise again. It takes time to fix some problems in development but good news is that the problem has been fixed and it is in QA process before releasing the next version of the app with the fix. I can’t offer any compensation at the moment though but don’t hesitate to contact our Deezer Support Team in case they can help with that (I can’t guarantee anything)