Is there a telephone contact?

  • 5 November 2018
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Does anyone know if Deezer has a telephone contact number (from the UK)? I have some questions regarding renewal of my subscription and I am (so far) getting a slow to non existent email response from Deezer support. I'm sure it would be far easier to clear up with a conversation.

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Hi Glenn, we don't have phone number, but we have emails, chat, twitter, facebook and community :)

I can see you contacted us via email yesterday and someone replied to you after a couple of hours 🙂 Let me know if you still have any more question!
Deezer doe not have a clue on how to deal with customers. Proudly state "someone replied to you after a couple of hours"
I canceled my but still no response
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Hi there @DwightR

I'm really sorry you feel that way. We've been dealing with a high number of contacts on our support side at the moment, but everyone is working hard and extra to get things back to normal. Thank you for your feedback.

Would like to subscribe and pay my monthly payment 

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Would like to subscribe and pay my monthly payment 

Just go to…

Choose an offer and create your account if you haven‘t got one yet. Pr just log in with existing account data. During subscription process you will be asked for your payment method. Thats all…

Enjoy… 😎