How do you clear all your favourite tracks?

  • 5 February 2019
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I want to delete all my favourite tracks and restart it but don’t know if there is a clear all button somewhere or will I have to physically go through them all?

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Hi there @Christy.Slater

Unfortunately you have to remove them one by one. You can try doing it on a computer to speed things up, depending on how many songs you've liked.

I'm facing the same problem after moving to deezer from spotify. Unfortunately the deezer API docs aren't so good on favourite tracks.

Otherwise one could easily use the deezer API to do that. With enough do it yourself engagement it should be possible to automate this process or deezer just would add a proper filter function to their clients to prevent customers from hacking on custom solutions.

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Hi @smittie 
Thanks for your feedback.
If you want to delete all your favourite tracks at once, please login to your account from a PC/Mac and do the following:
Click on Favourite tracks (on the left)> then click on “added” (square on the top right)> Delete
Please let me know if it works :nerd:


@Jaime. Thanks for your response.

Sorry but I don't face the exact same problem.

My situation is that I only want to partially clear my favourite tracks, because a lot of single tracks from audio books landed in my fav tracks during the migration from spotify.

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@smittie thanks for letting me know.
At the moment we don’t have any integration to partially clear your favourites and create a separate folder with your audiobooks. I know it is not the best, but the only workaround would be to create a Playlist and move them there manually.
Please feel free to leave your suggestion in our got an idea subforum, where the most voted ideas are considered by our developers for future updates.:calling:


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Regarding  the earlier question in this thread about deleting all favourite tracks: Lists and multiple selections in Deezer tend to be limited to 1,000 or 2,000.  

Consistently with this, if the number of remaining favourite tracks is less than or equal to 1,000, you can delete them all in the desktop app by checking the Select All box (top right) and clicking delete.

Unfortunately, until the list is down to 1,000 or less, tracks have to be checked individually in batches of (presumably - I haven’t tried it) up to a thousand.

Now that the max. number of favourite tracks has exceptionally been increased to 10,000, it is more important than ever to provide users with a more flexible means of managing multiple selections. Shift+Click would be a good start. I will raise this as a feature request.

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Thanks for your feedback @Freezer :relaxed:

I’ve got the issue that I can’t remove old songs about my favorite playlist. When I delete them by using the “pen” option, they will stay; when I delete them one by one, they seems to dissapeare, but after reloading, they’re back at my favorite playlist. 

seems like I’ve got to go back to Spotify, since this works perfect in Spotify

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Hi @JustPatricia95 does this happens in the phone app?
Have you tired on web version or this happens in all devices?
Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience

To delete all favourites over the website you may use the following snippet. It can be executed from the console in the developer tools of your browser (tested in Firefox):

Array.from(document.querySelectorAll("button[aria-label='Remove from Favourite tracks']")).slice(0,10).forEach(e =>;

“Remove from Favourite tracks” has to be replaced by the matching label in the chosen language or the language has to be set to English. In German the label would be: “Aus Lieblingssongs entfernen”

(3/18/2023) The console solution doesn´t seem to work anymore (unless I'm doing something wrong). Does anyone know of how to do this? Selecting my entire Favorite list and clicking "Remove from Favorites list" doesn´t do anything...

(3/18/2023) The console solution doesn´t seem to work anymore (unless I'm doing something wrong). Does anyone know of how to do this? Selecting my entire Favorite list and clicking "Remove from Favorites list" doesn´t do anything...

Just a quick follow up:

I realized I spelled "Favorite" differently which was causing it not to work. Now it works, but only for 10 of the elements that are displayed on screen. I increased "slice(0,10)" to  "slice(0,100)", but I am still limited by the amount of songs that show up on screen… I want to remove thousands of songs.

If I figure something out I will follow up.

I managed to empty my Favorites… Here are the steps for what I did on Firefox:

  1. On the search bar, type "about:config" and accept.
  2. Search "" and set it to "True"
  3. On Deezer, go to your Favorite tracks and click on the Checkbox that selects all of the songs. This will load the list of songs you have saved.
  4. Right-click anywhere on the page and select "Inspect".
  5. Go to the Console tab.
  6. Paste the following code:

// Remove element function
songRemove = function() {
    Array.from(document.querySelectorAll("button[aria-label='Remove from Favorite tracks']")).slice(0,1).forEach(e =>;

    console.log("Song removed from Favorites.");


// Total tracks to be removed
track_no = 10000;

// Song removal loop
for (let i = 0; i < track_no; i++) {
    setTimeout(songRemove, i * 1500);



  1. Where it says "track_no = 10000;" you can change the number to the number of songs you want removed.
  2. Press enter and it will very slowly start removing songs from your favorites list. This will take 250 minutes (over 4 hours). So you might want to do this while you're doing something else or sleeping. There reason for the slow speed is that the songs won´t actually get deleted if you go too fast.


Thank you to Adrian Dymorz for the little snippet of code.

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Thank you for the info @Joltaic! 😊