Deezer in Canada?

  • 22 March 2023
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I guess that I’m too lazy to weed through all of the posts so I’m asking in  my own post.


Is Deezer available in Canada? Also, any comparison I’ve seen between Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, etc. show Deezer as having a HiFi plan but when I go on their website it only show Free and Premium but when you compare the plans, Premium has a check mark under HiFi. I’m confused. Is HiFi now included with Premium? How different would this be than the HiFi plan? How does this compare to the Tidal HiFi plan now? Is 360 Sony still available?


I’ve only ever used Spotify Free (and Blackplayer EX for my own library) but am now thinking of getting into streaming (an old fart). I finally settled on Deezer but their website has me wondering. 


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3 replies

Hey @TheNit 

deezer is available in Canada -> You can see it directly when you open



HiFi sound is included with Premium and is comparable to Tidal HiFi.
Sony 360 is no longer offered.

Thanks for the reply. If you go into "support" it mentions the HiFi package and it was something like $14.99 compared to Deezer Premium (USD) so the $10.49 for Premium a with HiFi didn't seem right. Of course Tidal is $9.99 for HiFi  (not Plus).



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It‘s like @dee_dirk said… maybe they still haven’t corrected all the support information. Seems there is some old info talking about the old plans. 
For the latest Deezer plans HiFi always is included.