Deezer has got really expensive for me

First time I jumped on Deezer was back in 2019 back then the subscription cost was $5.99 , fast forward to 2023 it’s almost double now at $10.99 I still paid it because I enjoy using Deezer and I’ve got so much music on my account and many playlist … March 2024 I saw another bump up to $11.99 at that point I couldn’t believe how expensive it’s gotten so I decided not to pay this month, mind you I use Deezer everyday so using YT and all was annoying… I decided to go on Deezer to see if I can renew my subscription and to my surprise the price has increased again to $14.99 that’s the Premium subscription (1 Account) I’m honestly done with Deezer I’m sorry but I’m moving to another streaming service y’all hiking price to fast … thought y’all were different that’s why everyone on Spotify, Apple Music and all I stayed true to Deezer but this to much 

I can’t even pay the $11.99 I just paid last month now it’s an extra $3 , might be nothing to you and to most people but to a lot of other users that’s a big difference 



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Could you please login to your account from a PC/Mac on the web version? You should still be able to subscribe for 11.99
The price you see on your iPhone is what apple charges you for subscribing via iOS.

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The monthly rates are indeed a bit pricey. The annual subscription price does make it cheaper if you plan on using deezer full time.