Deezer App on Apple TV

When will Deezer release an App for Apple TV? We’ve been asking for years but there’s no straight answer. Please be honest or should we just migrate to Apple Music for a more seamless experience?

Best answer by Anja 29 June 2018, 10:50

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I, like many other people at the moment, am shopping around for a new service and I remembered really liking Deezer. I come back and yup, still a great service, still a good interface, still a great catalog, you offer flac streaming… except there’s no app for what is one of the most popular media machines there are. Why no AppleTV app? You’ve been promising you want to make one for over two years here. Such a shame. Guess I’ll check out Tidal. You’re missing out on subscriptions because of this. 

I would also like to have the best possible sound quality - as is one of Deezers selling points. Have an Apple TV 4k, and in the apps there is no shortage of streaming apps (Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal and others that I did not even check out).


Not quite a dealbreaker yet, but it has a feeling of becoming one later on.. Seems to itch that way.

Still wondering why Deezer doesn’t make a ATV app…